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Brittney Asja

Twenty-something Hampton University almuna, Brittney is an up-and-coming screenwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. In addition to writing every day, she is creating her own hair care company.

Queens, New York is her hometown but she was raised in New Jersey.

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"This amazing night has just become a shit show.
And I'm the main attraction."
Devan is young and single in New York City, and unlike her uptight sister, she’s not interested in living the life of a housewife. She wants creativity, fun, and sex, and she wants it from the handsome owner of her favorite café. 


So when she discovers he may not be looking for the same thing—at least, not with her—she’s disappointed, to say the least. That is, until she meets Allan. He's gorgeous, charming, and twice her age.


Could Allan be the perfect rebound, or will there prove to be more standing between them than years?

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