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Ella B. Himmel

Ella B. is a writer living in New York City.

She's currently working on her first, full-length YA novel.



No one could ever hurt her as badly…

…or please her as thoroughly.

Dani knows she’s shouldn’t call him. Not after Noah left her in broken fragments that she’s only just managed to piece back together. But while her heart can’t forget the havoc he’s wreaked, her body can’t forget the pleasure he’s bestowed.


Confident that she’s free of the emotional ties that bonded them, Dani decides to go back for one final goodbye. But when she finds herself in his arms again—and in his bed again—old feelings resurface and threaten to drag her back over the deep end.

crimson copy.jpg

In the office, she's his subordinate.

But in the crimson room, she's always on top.

Every week they meet in the silk room drenched in crimson light. She wears a mask, as is the way of the exclusive sex club. Ezra may not know her real name, but he knows her body intimately, and he's desperately wants to learn more.​

Alice just wants her day job to promote her so she can leave the club, once and for all. Even if it means leaving Ezra, too. She shouldn't get too attached, anyway. He's just a client, after all. ​

That is, until her new boss arrives at the office and it's none other than Ezra himself. 


Endless sex. Countless masks. Two identities. One girl.

Ezra knows his office assistant is the very same woman with whom he spends his Sunday nights, in a silk room of an exclusive sex club. She may wear a mask beneath those crimson lights, but he would recognize her anywhere.

Alice knows that Ezra is sure of exactly who she is, but for the sake of the promotion that will get her out of the club for good, she denies it. 

And yet, she wants him as badly as he wants her, and the only thing standing in their way is the truth, hidden behind a mask. All Alice needs to do it take it off.

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